Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall (Book Review)

Goodreads Ratings: 4 out 5 Stars

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall is such a cute and adorable story! It’s actually about these two college students named Lea and Gabe. From the first moment these two adorable students have met in their Creative Writing Class, they were totally meant for one another. Both them are so shy, and have no idea that they have a mutual crush. And the problem is that they don’t know what to do about these weird feelings! Even those people around them knew that they are totally perfect for each other! For Lea and Gabe are the perfect soul mates. Plus, even the so called Universe is doing everything to make sure, that these two sweet people would totally end up together! And that’s what makes this story so fun to read. 

 It was actually last August while I was browsing Goodreads, that I’ve first noticed this book. The summary is intriguing, and its reviews seemed kinda okay. So I’ve decided to get my own eBook copy.

 By the time that I’ve started reading this book, that’s when I knew that there are actually 14 POV’s, and none of these two main characters Lea and Gabe were included! It’s really refreshing for me, for it’s actually my first time to read a book that has tons of POV’s! This style of writing is kinda nice because it gives us readers a whole new perspective in each supporting characters in the story, to who they are, and to really understand their actual role in the love story of Lea and Gabe. But the downside to it would be being kinda confused while reading it, for every time I jumped into one character/POV to another. It’s kinda hard to focus one’s thought into the story. For example, I was reading the POV of Sam (Gabe’s Older Brother), and then suddenly, here comes the POV of Casey (Gabe’s Friend). So in some ways, I tend to be a little bit lost, and I try to remind myself that the POV that I’m now reading is now different from the ones that I’ve read before. If it weren’t for those little descriptions to who they are in the two main characters life, I would have been totally lost! And of all the different POV’s that I’ve encountered, I think the Starbucks Barista and the Creative Writing Teacher are definitely my favorite!

Reading this book in just one day has definitely put so many smiles on my face, especially yesterday when I was reading it at a coffee shop. I can totally imagine those people sitting near my table, wondering about this girl sitting alone, and so hooked into what she's reading. For I just tend to smile every time I came across a very cute scene in the story.

For those who are into a sweet young adult romance, but something that is not too cliché, then this book is definitely for you!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Me Before You Book Review

This beautiful and emotional novel of Jojo Moyes is about these two people who feel that the world is totally and utterly hopeless. Lou Clark is a 26 years old woman without any idea of what she really wants to do about her life. While Will Traynor is a 35 years old paralyzed man, who used to have a very successful career and an adventurous life, but all of it was taken away in just one night because of an accident. Then one day, their world started to collide. Lou needed a job to help her struggling family, and Will needed a companion to assist him in his daily needs. Together they’ve formed a bond that would change them forever. It has also turned their moments of love and friendship into one of the best and saddest experience of their lives.

I must say, Me Before You is a story that will turn every reader’s emotions upside down while reading this novel. It’s an unconventional love story; making us appreciate the real meaning of living life to the fullest. 

Actually getting into the deeper character of Will is so sad and painful. He is a guy who lost his desire to live. But it was Lou who has given him the courage to see life in a whole new light. As for Lou, she is someone who is so lost. Then Will encouraged and inspired her to do things beyond her limitations, and dared to dream the kind of life that she wants to live that she thought weren’t possible at all. But what Will really want for her is to “LIVE WELL”. In a way you could say that they’ve helped and saved one another.

This book first came across to me while browsing some new books to read on Goodreads. Then I started reading its reviews and that’s when I’ve gotten so intrigued about this book. It was actually last August that I saw a pre-loved paperback copy of this at a bookstore. And buying this book was totally worth it!

 Well, the truth is I was in doubt when someone told me on Instagram that this book would really make me cry so badly! So I read again the reviews on Goodreads. That’s when I’ve realized the similarities of what they’ve written! It’s a sobbing kind of love story! A tearjerker! And they were right! I cried so hard while reading the last four chapters of the story, and after closing the book, it took me awhile to get a grip of myself! It’s such a heartbreaking and beautiful story. But one can't avoid the issue about "Morality" (You'll know it by the time you'll read it).

Lastly, I would like to share a weird coincidence before I end this book review of mine. While I was in the early stages of reading the novel, the two actors that I’ve been visualizing were Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin. Well to be honest, I have no idea that there is going to be a film adaptation of this book! It was only yesterday when I saw the Facebook update of Jojo Moyes that I saw a picture of them doing the script reading! I was so shocked, that what I was actually visualizing is turning into reality! Weird right? Anyway, if you haven’t read the book, then start now and be prepared to cry so badly! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Maybe Someday Book Review

Why do I like this book so much aside from all those beautiful songs that were mentioned in the book? Its because the words are so captivating, that I'm totally hooked and I just can't put it down! Reading every word of it just melts my heart away.

I may have read tons of stories and most if it are under the romance genre. And love stories tends to make us believe in the PERFECT romance, fairy tales and happily ever after. But this novel is definitely not that kind of romance. I can't say that its a hateful kind of romance but I think that the way to describe it would be a confusing kind of romance.

The story is kinda intense. You know that feeling that wrenches your heart out because its so painful. Ridge and Sydney are so perfect for one another, its just that their lives aren't perfect for each other! So Frustrating! It may seemed kinda funny but honestly I hate the story and at the same time I love it. Colleen Hoover is definitely a one heck of a writer. I don't know how she did it, but she was able to captivate each reader with all those addictive and beautiful words that you just can't stop reading it. And you want to do it as fast as you can! Also, ever since I've reached halfway into the story, I've been wanting to put it down for its so full of dilemma, but its already too late for I was already hooked!

So here's the thing. Which kind of love would you like to experience? The REALISTIC kind of love or the IDEAL one?

The Sea of Tranquility Book Review

      Now I know what the fuss is all about! The Sea of Tranquility has been one of those novels that I’ve always heard of and being recommended to me but never got the chance to read. I’ve been reading these positive reviews on Goodreads since last year, but I still haven’t got that appetite of reading it. Then suddenly last month, I was just surfing online and that’s when I saw this book. So I read the reviews again, the ratings were all kinda impressive and then lastly, I’ve finally asked a friend of mine who’ve already read the book and then she said that it’s surely a must read for it’s really a wonderful story. In reading the first few chapters of the story, it all just seems so mysterious. Tons of questions just keeps on running out into my head and that’s when it got me hooked. I also knew by the time that I’ve started reading this; it is definitely going to be one of my favorites. And after reading it all the way, I was right!

       I must say, this novel is so not the Young Adult kind of novel that one would usually read. There’s just something about it that makes the whole story so ROMANTIC and at the same time so MYSTERIOUS. I guess it’s the level of maturity that the reader would tend to feel while reading this book. Yes, it is a love story but it mostly focuses on the concept of the real meaning of ACCEPTANCE and HEALING.

      As for the story, I really like the author’s style of writing both point-of-views of the two main characters Nastya Kashnikov and Josh Bennet. It makes me understand the reasons why they seemed so damaged. It also points out all the real feelings that they really want to express but is so afraid to reveal to those people around them. Both of them is the kind of people who is just living a life but doesn’t seem like living at all. Josh Bennet may seem your typical kind of teenage boy, but a lot of things has happened to him in the past that made him seem so mature and older than most boys at his age. He just lost it, believing that being near him is like being cursed. As for Nastya Kashnikov, she is someone who is so full of life. Living a life full of sunshine, love from her family and enjoying her passion which is playing the piano, until all of it was taken away from her. What happened to her has caused her to build a new life but for her it doesn’t seem like living at all. It’s like living in a box and with the past always trying haunt her. And that’s when fate steps in. For finding each other is what made them save themselves from their miserable lives.

       It’s a love story that doesn’t seemed so cheesy and all for all the readers out there. And that’s what made me enjoyed my time in reading it. I’ve realized that one should appreciate and be grateful for second chances. Not all of us in this world are being given the chance to do something right into our lives. One should also never ever forget that no matter what happens the love and support from our friends and families will always be there no matter what. But one should also remember to love and accept who we really are. I’m writing my review for this book for the reason that I want to share to those who are still planning to read this wonderful book the beauty on reading such a unique kind of love story. It may not be as hugely popular as those other romantic novels. But I just hope that they would be able to feel and realize while reading it that it’s a story that will touch their lives.