Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Maybe Someday Book Review

Why do I like this book so much aside from all those beautiful songs that were mentioned in the book? Its because the words are so captivating, that I'm totally hooked and I just can't put it down! Reading every word of it just melts my heart away.

I may have read tons of stories and most if it are under the romance genre. And love stories tends to make us believe in the PERFECT romance, fairy tales and happily ever after. But this novel is definitely not that kind of romance. I can't say that its a hateful kind of romance but I think that the way to describe it would be a confusing kind of romance.

The story is kinda intense. You know that feeling that wrenches your heart out because its so painful. Ridge and Sydney are so perfect for one another, its just that their lives aren't perfect for each other! So Frustrating! It may seemed kinda funny but honestly I hate the story and at the same time I love it. Colleen Hoover is definitely a one heck of a writer. I don't know how she did it, but she was able to captivate each reader with all those addictive and beautiful words that you just can't stop reading it. And you want to do it as fast as you can! Also, ever since I've reached halfway into the story, I've been wanting to put it down for its so full of dilemma, but its already too late for I was already hooked!

So here's the thing. Which kind of love would you like to experience? The REALISTIC kind of love or the IDEAL one?

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